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Fortunately, some trade show advice is pretty darn simple, one just needs to remember it!

Wear comfortable shoes.

Stand, don't sit.

Smile at everyone.

Bring food and a bottle of water for the day.  Make the food nutritious.

Don't eat in the booth - if you can get someone to cover for you.  If you can't, make it discrete.

Don't leave the booth unattended.  Murphy's Law: if no one is there, your biggest potential customer will stop by, and then go to your competitor.  It helps to have two or more staffers, of course.

Wander the aisles and check out the competition - in the morning before the show opens.

If you have a table, put it on the side or near the back.  Don't block the entrance to your space.

Greet everyone, but then determine if they are a potential customer.  If not, thank them, give them some literature if they want it, and then move on.

Practice good personal hygiene.  Dress good, smell good, look good.

If the person you are talking to is a good prospect, give them your literature but plan on it getting lost.  Get their contact info and follow-up after the show.


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