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the best marketing secret I ever learned new article
 What a King, the spud, and a bit of history can teach us about marketing... - read more

trade show display ideas new article
 What are the latest options and trends in trade show displays, and what makes some trade show displays better than others? How can you make sure your trade show display is the best it can be? - read more

trade show giveaway ideas new article
 Having the right trade show giveaway is a great way to get more traffic at your booth... having the wrong trade show giveaway is a great way to waste your money... get some ideas on what makes for good trade show giveaways. - read more

trade show booth ideas new article
 Simple, basic, but important ideas for making your trade show booth the hit of the show. - read more

promotional product ideas new article
 Promotional products are great for more than just trade show giveaways, and there are hundreds of different items and ideas to choose from. - read more

what promotional products really work new article
 What separates failure from success when selecting a promotional product... - read more

7 rules for trade show success
 If you want to be a successful trade show exhibitor, make sure you know and understand these 7 common sense rules, and follow them. - read more

what to do & what not to do at your trade show booth
  Wear comfortable shoes. Stand, don't sit. Smile at everyone. - read more

designing a good trade show booth
  You have 5 seconds to both get the attention of and to make an impression on a potential prospect walking by your trade show booth. What kind of impression do you make? - read more

using trade show giveaways
  I highly recommend having some kind of trade show giveaway in your booth.  My favorite was a big bowl of Hershey kisses (almond, of course) located on a table half way into the booth... read more

10 tips for better trade show booth staffing
  Don't forget about the humans in your booth. Make sure your staff knows what they are doing and how to behave... read more

random thoughts on the upcoming election  - read more

get your trade show booth space for less
If you exhibit at trade shows to market your product or service, you probably have several shows a year you always have to attend.  For those shows, register early. - read more

how to make your next trade show a success (3 part series):

    Part I - before the show [plan, plan, plan]
    One of my favorite quotes is "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  I couldn't agree more... - read more

    Part II - at the show [qualify, qualify, qualify]
    It has always amazed me how many trade show booth staffers tried to sell to everyone.  I suppose they thought they could sell refrigerators to Eskimos too... - read more

    Part III - after the show {follow-up, follow-up, follow-up]
    You just got back from your trade show.  You're tired, your feet ache, and you have a pile of mail and a folder full of emails to go through... - read more

trade show display quotes
This article is about trade show display design, and specifically, selecting a good title or tagline for your trade show display. I selected the title of this article (trade show display quotes) for two reasons...  - read more

find a strange trade show
I was surprised to discover how hard it actually is to find a strange trade show, let alone the strangest trade show. Follow me on my quest to find a trade show about bagpipes... - read more

trade show displays vs. trade show booths
Pardon my rant... a pet peeve of mine is that people use the terms trade show displays and trade show booths interchangeably. Well, they're not the same thing! The term trade show display typically refers to... - read more

how to design effective trade show booth displays
How to design and/or create effective graphic designs for trade show booth displays shouldn't require an advanced degree from Princeton or Yale (no offense to those universities). It’s a simple matter of common sense... - read more

tips for compelling trade show display booths
I decided to put together a few "tips" based on my wealthy of experience in design, or at least in seeing a lot of other people's designs... read more

trade show popcorn
The key to trade show success isn't just to draw any kind of traffic to your trade show booth, the key is to draw qualified booth traffic!... read more


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