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trade show displays vs. trade show booths

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Pardon my rant... a pet peeve of mine is that people use the terms trade show displays and trade show booths interchangeably. Well, they're not the same thing! The term trade show display typically refers to the portable wall that is erected in the back of the booth space and usually is covered with graphics. The term trade show booth typically refers to the overall space that one gets at a trade show, with the standard space being a square-shaped area measuring ten feet by ten feet. Larger booth space are available in increments there of (i.e. 10ft x 20ft, or 20ft x 30 ft). Another phrase is "trade show exhibits", which usually refer to the structures in the larger trade show booths. Other people will use the terms "trade show display booths" and/or "trade show booths displays", though I'm not sure how I would define either of them.

Here is what wikipedia has to say about what trade show displays are (with a few of my "crotchety old guy" interjections):
"Trade show displays [according to wikipedia] are the physical screens, banners [how about walls?] and other paraphernalia [paraphernalia? did a drug user write this?] used to fill [fill? if the trade show display fills the booth space, how do people walk around?] a temporary exhibit [or booth] space at a trade show or trade fair. They [trade show displays] vary greatly in size, cost [tell me about it!], and complexity [as well as value, quality, and effectiveness], but all [trade show displays, not trade show booths] are designed to visually represent a specific interest [except the generic ones, which represent the majority of trade show displays sold]. Companies typically rent exhibit [or booth] space from [trade] show organizers, and then design [or more likely have their designer or design company design] trade show displays to attract [how about capture] the attention of visitors and attendees [smart companies try to attract prospects, not attendees!] at the trade show. Trade show displays usually use bold images [especially if the designer read my article how to design an effective tradeshow booth] and catch phrases [or trade show display quotes] in an attempt to lure [what, are we fishing?] attendees [get prospects, not attendees!] to their exhibit [or booth] space so that they can give a sales pitch [or close a sale] or hand out trade show literature [or trade show giveaways]."

Wikipedia doesn't have a write up for "trade show booths" yet. Maybe I should write one for them. Something tells me it might not be accepted though... Anyway, there you have it. That's the difference between trade show displays and trade show booths. Just remember and think "wall" and "space", and you should be ok.


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